Vishal Kamat

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Vishal Vithal Kamat

CEO Of Kamat Group Of Hotels


Under the mentorship of my Father, Dr. Vithal Kamat, my only goal in my life is to make my parents, Kamat Khandan team members, partners, vendors, and our loyal guests proud of being a part of The Kamats Group.

Those who come from a legendary family background have heavy shoulders and a duty to take it forward.

After completing a ‘BSc in Hospitality Management’ from IHM Institute, Mumbai, more popularly known as Dadar Catering College,  in 2003, I joined my over 75-year-old Kamat family business.  Since then I have been working under Dr Vithal Venkatesh Kamat, my father and mentor, to develop the Kamats name from where he has established it to become an even more robust brand spread across various parts of India.

Kamats is a very strong and respected brand that invokes emotion and people associate all Kamats as part of Vithal Kamats group which is known for quality, value, honesty and hospitality. In 2005, I was given the task to rebrand and establish new outlets under the brand name Vithal Kamats - Original Family Restaurant.  Since then the brand has witnessed the establishment restaurants in over sixty locations across multiple states. The brand has been appreciated by patrons across age groups and states. Currently, I look after only a few of these and focus more on the hotel aspects of Brand Orchid, Fort JadhavGADH, Mahodadhi Palace, Lotus Eco Beach Resorts  & IRA. 


While restauranteering is in my blood, hospitality is in my soul! Apart from establishing family restaurants, I simultaneously developed the hotels such as Fort JadhavGADH that Dr Vithal V Kamat had established or envisioned and took them to new heights whilst passing landmark milestones.

The Orchid, Asia’s First Five Star Ecotel Hotel, achieved many new accomplishments and the brand is growing across India. Fort JadhavGADH, Maharashtra’s only Fort Heritage Hotel, is a landmark accomplishment as we successfully transformed a 300-year old fort into a boutique fort heritage hotel. It is one of the best- known premium wedding and event destinations in Maharashtra.

While I had a wonderful foundation to start my professional life on account of the efforts of my grandfather and father, and did not have to face the struggles they faced, our family faced a major challenge in 2011-12 when the hospitality industry and the economy were witnessing a slowdown. His story is always been one of the fascinating success stories of business tycoons in India This was the real challenge for the company, the family and me. In 2015, my father gave me the reins to steer the brands through the turbulent times. My hard work, teamwork, ideas and efforts paid rich dividends and from 2015 we witnessed a turnaround. The story is worthy of a finance adventure novel!

Kamat Hotels and its brands are back on track, and well poised to grow and flourish across India. Its brands of The Orchid and Lotus Resorts along with, and its heritage collection of Fort JadhavGADH, Pune, and Mahodadhi Palace, Puri – Odisha are doing exceedingly well and their ethos is appreciated by patrons as one of the successful entrepreneurs in Maharashtra.

Developing each brand according to its identity and ethos has been interesting. I look forward to the future, to new ideas and challenges, of working with our team and offering our esteemed patrons an experience of all what the Kamat name has always stood for. I believe the journey is as important as the destination, and this makes each day of being at our hotels and with our team a joy and privilege that I am grateful for.

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